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Color Palette FAQs: Our Touch Up & Repair Program


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Even the best paint fades over time.

Walls are scratched, wallcovering gets stained, and water penetrates.

In high-traffic common areas, surfaces often need to be touched up sooner rather than later.  That is why Future City has developed a touch up and repair program called the Color Palette.

How Often Does it Happen?

The frequency of our touch up visits depends on our clients’ needs.  We offer monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual visits.

Not only do clients choose the frequency but also the duration of each visit.  The client is then billed for the number of hours requested.

What Does it Consist of?

Our touch up program covers a wide range of services including:

  • Paint Touch Up

  • Wall Repair

  • Wallcovering Cleaning & Repair

  • Door/Frame Cleaning & Repair

  • Water Damage Treatment

  • Sheetrock Repair

Our paint touch up involves complex color matching to insure seamless application. We consider the age and sheen of each existing paint to ensure a perfect match.  In addition, wallcovering touch up and patching are unique skills requiring a surprising set of tools (erasers and syringes!) and know-how.  Our senior project supervisor personally oversees this program, training the program’s team members to provide superior methods.

We also keep very close track of the previous work history completed at each property.  Our paint labeling procedure facilitates a high level of on-site organization.  Our team members begin to memorize the colors, sheens, and stock at each building (there can be many).

How Does it Work?

Contact us via our website or office line, and we will work with you to set up  your customized schedule.  We make sure that invoices AND on-site forms are clearly communicated so that you know what was done during each visit.

The end result gives your tenants a facility that continually looks clean and functional, showcasing a good use of your CAM (common area maintenance) budget and maximizing leasing opportunities.

Do You, by Chance, Have Any Specials?

As a matter of fact, we do!

Until March 31, Future City is offering a promotion for touch up services at any property not already under Color Palette contract.  If you’re interested in trying our Color Palette services, now is the time to do it!

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