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Creative Uses for Chalkboard Paint

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Chalkboard paint is a big paint trend right now. Don’t believe us? Just check Pinterest.

It’s everywhere!

This technique is great for adding a creative edge to any commercial space. It allows for the ability to communicate without the limitation of words. Plus, it's easy to clean using an eraser or warm water and mild soaps.

Do you love this technique, but don't know exactly how to use it? We have you covered with our list of ten* creative ways to use chalkboard paint!

*Please note: You are not limited to the ideas on this list. Contact us today for help with your unique project scope!

10. Pediatric Care Centers

A chalkboard wall is the perfect addition to a care center. Not only is it a way for kids to create and display their art, it allows kids to interact with one another and heal through play therapy.

9. Child Therapy/ Counseling Services

A chalkboard in a child's therapy/counseling environment can be an instrumental tool for communication. Powerful emotions can be conveyed without a single spoken word, which is helpful for young children who are still developing their vocabulary.

8. Reception Area Table

A chalkboard table in a business reception area is a great (and inexpensive) way to keep kids busy while they wait with their parents.

7. Break Room Wall

Having a break room door or wall with chalkboard paint facilitates the organization of this shared space as rules, schedules, or ownership items can be clearly communicated for all users to see.

6. Conference Room Table

Chalkboard tables in a conference or brainstorming room are a great way to promote out-of-the-box thinking for directors, leaders, and employees.

5. Community Board

If your business has a community board (like many coffee shops do), a chalkboard is a great way for your customers to leave messages and share information without the paper clutter that a cork board leaves behind.

4. Photo Booth Picture Frame (just for fun!)

What a better way to show a happy couple how you feel about their "I Do's" than by using a chalkboard inside a picture frame as a photo booth prop?

3. Wine Glass Bases (just for fun!)

By coating your wine glass bases with chalkboard paint, you can forget the wine charms and still easily remember which glass belongs to every person at your dinner party.

2. Filing Cabinet

Need to leave yourself a note to file away your important paperwork, or to look for that expense report prior to an upcoming deadline? Write it directly on your filing cabinet by turning it into a chalkboard and forget worrying about losing a reminder sticky note.

1. Side(s) of Refrigerator

How cool would it be to turn your refrigerator into a magnetic chalkboard? The communication advantages to having a refrigerator as your home or business communication hub are literally endless.

What are your favorite chalkboard paint ideas? Which ones do you think you'll use for your home or office?

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