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Future City Celebrates Life Center

Paint has power.

Not only does it transform surfaces,  but it can also facilitate the transformation of livelihoods! Don’t believe it? Consider the Life Center, one of our local non-profit partners (or “friends” as we like to call them), who recently celebrated their organization’s 20th anniversary.

size_550x415_Life_Center_Logo_Color.compressed.jpg-convLife Center is an urban ministry center committed to serving the homeless community. The organization’s leaders, Chris and Monica, know firsthand the deep need for help, having spent a season of life on the street as well.

Their vision is simple: change this city one life at a time.

Within the homeless community, generational poverty is the norm. Unlike situational poverty, which is the loss of income or well-being due to a recession, job loss, illness, addiction or other circumstance, battling generational poverty requires a deeper level of commitment and resource.

Those who experience generational poverty often do not possess basic social skills necessary to retain employment, interact with larger society and perform basic coping techniques. This type of poverty goes well beyond a single circumstance or mishap; the average length of time spent to equip one impoverished in this capacity is approximately 9 years.

In addition to weekend worship services, the Life Center provides discipleship training through a weekly life skills curriculum, addiction support groups, tutoring/mentorship, a food shelf and clothes closet, youth summer camps and outdoor outreach events to the inner city Minneapolis community. Life Center staff knows that this community often has no reliable means of transportation; attendance to these events is largely supported by several buses and vans that locate and transport those who would most benefit from these services.

Future City first heard about the Life Center nearly 7 years ago and considers it a privilege to assist in the ministry’s initiatives. Most recently, we are partnering with the organization in an on-going commitment (over a period of a few years) to update the main ministry building inside and out.

As part of this project, we’re bringing in support from our preferred industry partners to donate product and equipment. It has been fun to see these resources come together to accomplish a greater good. The power of this invitation to participate in the redeeming of our city and its people is amazing; who knew a simple investment of paint could yield such a generous rate of return?!

For more information about Life Center, visit their website. For more information about the services we offer to our partners, read about them online or give us a call!

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