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Ice Dam Removal

V__F0A1Ice Dams.

If you know what these are, you’ve likely suffered the ill-effects of this cold weather phenomenon. If not, you may have seen one – or many – without realizing what they are and how they wreak havoc.

The Trouble with Ice Dams

Ice dams are created when there is a build-up of ice within the metal scupper and downspout of a building. They get plugged by the typical Minnesota freeze-thaw cycle. Snow melts from the roof, runs down a drain and re-freezes as temperatures plummet. This clogs the downspout and prevents needed drainage of upper building sections.

This blockage can be incredibly damaging because it keeps water from properly draining and, without anywhere else to go, the water eventually penetrates a building’s interior substrates. This can create considerable water damage.

Safely Removing Ice Dams

Luckily, despite the risk for significant damage, treatment of ice dams can be quick and easy with the right tools.

We use a streamlined (read: highly efficient!) approach for ice dam removal that includes the use of a trailer-mounted power washer. The power washer uses hot water set to 250 degrees and 4,000 pounds per square inch of pressure. It uses roughly 4 gallons per minute of water to cut through and entirely eliminate each ice dam.

This power washing technique removes the ice dam, while restoring proper drainage and without risk to our team or building surfaces.

Superior Service

Once a person knows what to look for, it becomes quite easy to spot a lurking ice dam.
If you have ice dams that need to be removed, Future City has you covered. Our team of professionals is trained to remove ice dams in the Twin Cities area and offers the best possible service experience.

Contact us today to remove your ice dam!

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