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Paint your own Glass Ornaments!

Here at Future City, we think paint is pretty special.

So, when we thought about what we would like to share for a holiday-related post this month, we knew we wanted to give our readers an opportunity to experience paint the way we do as a totally transformative tool.

Enter hand-painted glass ornaments.

glass ornaments final

The Process

There are a few different ways to paint glass ornaments. One method is with a paintbrush on the exterior of the bulb. This process can take longer without a way to prop and spin the ornament during application and, depending on the brush, streaks may appear in the final product. As well, the paint must fully dry for 48-72 hours before adding any additional designs.

For these reasons, we chose to forgo our brushes and use a satin acrylic paint on the inside of our glass bulbs. This method gives us a smoother, more polished, brush-stroke-free base coat on the ornaments and will also allow us to decorate the outside of the bulbs while the inside dries.

The Supplies

In our example we used generic glass craft ornaments, Americana Satin Acrylic paints for the inside coating and 3D paints for the outer decorations. We also used the bottom of the box in which the ornaments came as a drying and decorating rack.

glass ornament painting supplies

The Steps

1. Make sure your glass bulbs are free from any dust or dirt (just as we do with our large-scale exterior projects), and are dry both inside and out.

2. Take off the top hook, so you can access the inside of the bulb.

3. Squirt a glob of paint about the size of a quarter onto the bottom of the inside of the ornament and slowly swirl the paint around until it will no longer move.

glass ornament paint in progress

4. Keep repeating step three until the entire inside is coated with paint.

5. Decorate the outside using the fun 3D paints.

glass ornament design

6. Let dry 48-72 hours until the inside and outside of the glass ornaments are no longer tacky to the touch.

7. Replace the top hook.

8. Hang and enjoy!

What holiday paint crafts have you and your family done in the past? Have you tried this method of painting ornaments? How did they turn out?

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