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When to Use Paint Sprayers

The paint sprayer was birthed out of necessity.

In 1892, famed painter Francis Davis Millet was brought in to help finish the construction of the World’s Columbian Exposition.  The deadline was very tight, so to speed up the painting process, Millet came up with a mix of oil and white lead that could be applied with a hose and spray nozzle.

Sadly, Frances Millet would end up perishing on the Titanic in 1912, but his legacy lives on in the paint sprayer.

The Purposes of Paint Sprayers

Just like it did for Millet over 100 years ago, a paint sprayer works well for large, exterior surfaces. Not only will it cover a large area very quickly; it also ensures a uniform coat that saturates porous surfaces such as block, concrete, brick or wood. These uneven or porous areas require a spray application to ensure even and complete covering.

Paint sprayers also perform well for textured surfaces such as ceilings. Brushes and rollers can potentially damage the texture, while a sprayer leaves such surfaces “untouched”.

In addition to the surface and scope, the type of coating may also require a spray application. These specific coatings, such as fine finish enamels and urethanes, must be sprayed and, so, atomized to maximize the performance of these products. Spraying these coatings achieves a particular film consistency that provides an even and smooth finish. You’ll often see these coatings on a wide variety of surfaces from metal door frames and holding tanks.

By spraying these coatings, we are able to avoid pin-holing (or holidays), which are thin, uneven areas of application.

Lastly, sprayers are great for products that dry quickly and/or need to be applied quickly due to chemical makeup of product, current weather conditions or scope of the project.

As we have mentioned, paint sprayers can cover large areas in a short period of time.  Some larger gas units can do as much as 3 gallons of paint a minute (or, a single 5-gallon bucket of paint in 2 minutes)!

At Future City, we love sprayers for their high-volume capabilities, the consistent colors and textures they provide and, most importantly, their ability to maximize the performance of the coatings being applied. This facilitates our primary goal: to drive value to our customers.

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